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We would like to thank for their support for our upcoming Youth Camp on June 17-18. Please visit their site  and thank them for their continuted support of our sport!!

Colorado River Retriever Club, Inc. (CRRC) is a family oriented club. CRRC is among the network of Hunting Retriever Club Inc.'s (HRC) clubs across the country and is affiliated with the Untied Kennel Club (UKC). We were founded in 1987 and originally based from the Richmond area (thus the name Colorado River).

The clubs major focus is promoting the philosophy of the HRC whose motto is "Conceived by Hunters, for Hunters". CRRC and the HRC believe that a good dog is one of the best conservation tools to the hunter. We train and test our retrievers in true to life hunting situations.

The club holds a monthly meeting on the second Wednesday of each month, with attendance usually ranging between 15-25 club members. (Meetings are currently held in the Las Flores Mexican Restaurant in Alvin, TX). Meetings usually consist of old/new business, training topics, announcements of recently achieved titles, treasurers' report, and lots of dog talk.

We host both a Spring Hunt Test in February and a Fall Hunt Test in June .

This is a club that welcomes new members with open arms and is full of friendly people. Members often train together and we usually have several training days throughout the year.

If you have any questions about this club, training or hunt tests please do not hesitate to contact an officer of the club. CRRC's club officers are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to retrievers, retriever training and hunt tests.